About Us

By Applying our Analytics to your data we assist call centres to deliver Efficiency Effectively

ADEI – (pronounced: a day) 

We are a data analytics company focused on solving efficiency issues in the call centre industry. 

Our purpose is to deliver analytical services that provide call centres with the necessary intelligence to run their companies effectively. We believe that call centres should make decisions based on the intelligence that they have gathered from their data.

Our solutions are often designed to standardize the data, allowing people in any role in the company to view, analyse, and report on what they are responsible for.

We are a 51% black-owned Level 2 BEE company.

Our Team

We are a dynamic team with a wide range of experience. 

We have experience in the following industries: 

Call centre; Banking; Financial Services; Consulting; and Engineering

Brian Jean Blignaut



David Mosibi