A message from our CEO

2020 introduced us to a whole new range of challenges. These challenges included the cost of staff working remotely and the challenge of managing their productivity/output, cashflow constraints, and productivity loss due to business interruption. These factors triggered a range of business decisions that had to be made within a short period of time, decisions that were not always based on your company’s data but driven on external factors that influenced in many cases emotional decision making.

It was during these trying times that our team of experts realized that the solution to any company’s challenge lies in their data. To work smart during these trying times means to be more informed, and more in control of the information generated within an organization.

Our years of experience in Data and Operations, puts us at an advantage to support you our client. We understand your challenges of managing a workforce that works remotely, finding innovative ways to increasing revenue, or decreasing cost amid finding the new normal.

The recipe that we have developed at ADEI is not to only increase your revenue by increasing efficiency but decreasing your cost while we provide you with a custom dashboard to measure every step in your process.

Let’s ensure that you work more informed, more in control of the information required to work smarter. The information lies in your data. Make 2021 the year where you truly work smarter and not harder.


Be blessed,

Brian Jean Blignaut

Co-Founder & CEO

ADEI (Pty) Ltd

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