Companies need insight into their data to survive


Visibility and insight into data is no longer an option for companies’ competitiveness. It is the essence of survival and growth. Data provides companies with the power to understand and deliver exactly what their clients want, when they want it. Monitoring data streams provides added benefits like: increasing workforce efficiency, identifying anomalies, and minimizing production downtime.

Companies that see data analytics as an unnecessary expense will find themselves on the backfoot to those that embrace it.

Most companies don’t have a data analyst on staff, or the required IT infrastructure is not in place to implement big data analysis in-house.

ADEI is here to assist companies through the data analytics journey. From choosing the correct environment, setting up analysis tools, and maintaining the database environment.

Our solutions are often designed to standardize the data, allowing people in any role in the company to view, analyse, and report on what they are responsible for.

The analytics tools that are available in this day and age allows us to customise the solution to each company’s needs.

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